November 03, 2013

REST in practice with Symfony2

On 18th October 2013 I had the honour and the pleasure to add another conference to the list of conferences where I have spoken.

At SymfonyDay in Rome (Italy) I gave this talk “REST in practice with Symfony2” about writing RESTful APIs using Symfony2 focusing on the practical aspect and not again on theory.

I did this talk because every time I attended a presentation about REST it ended up again as another theory lesson about REST principles. After one or two talks of this kind you start wondering what are the best practices to follow or how to best approach the problem and structure your project but it seems that no one wants to share his knowledge.

I organised the presentation starting from code: business logic, tests, documentation. At the end I put some hypermedia because we all know that without hypermedia you can’t call an API as RESTful.

Looking at feedbacks on this talk was really appreciated and looks like this talk could become something more detailed as a workshop as the arguments to analyse are a lot.

English slides are available on slideshare.