January 15, 2014

Looking For A New Opportunity

TL;DR I’m looking for a new job!

It’s time to move on and look for new challenges in my career. I will be looking for a new employer effective March 1st, 2014 (my last day with my current employer will be Feb 28th). So I will be available for hire in the near future!

What I want to do

  • Backend Developer: I’d love to keep on building RESTful APIs with PHP and Symfony2. Writing testable code that scales. I won’t accept any offer where I could not use PHPUnit, Mockery, Behat and all the best tools out there to test code. Remote work is a plus.

  • Lead developer: It would be exciting to share my experience leading a small team and helping developers to do their best everyday to adhere software quality standards and best practices.

The fallback option

Priority goes to full time permanent positions but if any of the available solutions wouldn’t be too much interesting I will consider doing some freelancing for companies and agencies.

Nice to have

As I am involved a lot with the PHP Community organising events and helping startups and companies to find great developers I’d like to keep up with these activities. Being able to spend some time during the week would be great.

You can help me

Do you know of any interesting companies that are looking for a role that you think I’d be suited for? Do you want to hire me? Drop me an email to daniel.londero@gmail.com. Thanks.