February 28, 2014

Last Day In Nelmio

TL;DR Feb 28th 2014 was my last day in Nelmio.

As already mentioned in the previous post my last day at Nelmio was Feb 28th 2014. As I started my adventure with Nelmio in September 2012, it lasted exactly one year and a half. And it was a blast.


First of all I had the chance to meet and work for/with great people. Obviously in the end I spent more time with Jordi and Pierre but it was really nice to meet William and then work with Francesco, Samuel, Gilles and Adrian. We did a lot of work together (more with someone, less with someone other maybe) and we had lots of fun travelling around for our meetings: I’m sure we’ll never forget weeks spent in Barcelona (our place a.k.a. “the fridge” and the never ending washing machine), Berlin (rooftops), Zurich (Meyer’s), Lisbon (Pastéis de Belém) and Verona (Spritz). Then for different reasons there has been some turnover in the team and David, Eve, Florian, Michel joined Nelmio. Also this time very cool people to meet and work with. No more weeks abroad (didn’t make sense as I was the last one working fully remotely) but a few night trains to Zurich. Night trains were not bad, I only had two problems: only once I got the lower bed, I got sick every time. And this is still under investigation.


“Always be the small fish” I remember a video from Google I saw some years ago. And in Nelmio I was a small fish. I really learnt a lot working with people much more skilled than me. And if you won’t to stop learning this is the way to go (obviously you still need to get hands dirty by yourself in your free time). I’m sure this whole experience is going to help me a lot in my future career’s steps that’s why I’m grateful to everyone who helped me to learn something in this one year and a half.

Good luck

I wish best of luck to Nelmio, @seldaek and @shvi, because they really deserve it. I’m sure they will keep doing very high quality products for their clients and I hope they find the time to work on their own projects to finally realise the plan behind Nelmio itself.